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Designing Excellence for Over 40 Years

For decades, Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects has been creating environments that foster work, play, healing, and learning. Committed to sustainability and technological innovation, we are always seeking opportunities to improve our world through inspired, purposeful design.

Based proudly in New Orleans, we've grown along with our city, making our mark on the skyline along the way. We've designed sporting complexes, libraries, schools, retail spaces, offices, and public buildings in the Greater New Orleans Area.

With our talented team and our broad base of capabilities, we are able to provide full-service design from inception through completion. Our dedicated healthcare studio specializes in creating world-class healthcare facilities, drawing on decades of combined expertise.

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Turning Client Success into a Business

In 1965, Billy Sizeler graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Design, where he studied under the renowned Internationalist Louis Kahn. After school, Billy worked for several firms, soaking up design knowledge from mentors and national publications. But he learned his most valuable architectural lesson from his father, who built single-family houses and shopping centers after World War II. With no college degree, Billy’s father had learned intuitively that relationships are the key to a firm’s longevity.

“He said when you get a job, son, don’t just go to the groundbreaking and the ribbon cutting. Make sure you’re there. Make sure the job has good termite control. Take care of all the details. If people like your work and trust you, if you give them good service, that’s how you’ll stay in business.”

Billy always wanted to work in healthcare. He believed in hiring the right people and letting them design. Slowly, he built up the industry expertise in his staff. Today, the firm has completed major projects for the largest health systems in the state—everything from offices and garages to specialized surgery suites. And we’ve built a reputation in healthcare and other industries for spaces that offer wellness and resilience.

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Collaboration, Commitment, and Community

At Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects, we believe that our work is fundamentally about people.

While we're constantly keeping up with technology—including integrating virtual reality into our practice—we know that our two most important tools are collaboration and communication. We draw on all of our collective resources to address design challenges with solutions that are inventive, resource-conscious, and responsible.

Our team is made up of active community members and proud citizens of the Greater New Orleans Area. Together, we've helped build and rebuild this city, and we're always on the lookout to do more.

  • Architectural Design

    Guided by the latest industry best practices, we draw on principles of evidence-based design and sustainability to create compelling design solutions.

  • Interior Design

    Our talented interior designers enhance environments through space planning, finish selection, artwork consulting, and furniture selection.

  • Master Planning

    From feasibility studies to site selection to community involvement, we partner with our clients through all phases of their projects.

Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects has become the standard by which we judge design and planning firms.

Patrick M. Gibbs, C.P.A., Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs, University of New Orleans