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"These are well designed buildings, meeting all requirements of local and State codes plus FEMA regulations, and Building No.1 has come in under budget... We highly recommend these Architects to anyone considering a public project."

Ben O. Morris, Mayor City of Slidell


Slidell Municipal Complex

Slidell, LA

The new Slidell Municipal Complex will replace all of the facilities damaged or demolished by Hurricane Katrina and places all public facilities on one site, improving the level of public service provided by allowing the administration to operate more efficiently as well as creating a sense of civic pride for the City. Taking advantage of the existing buildings, as well as the site's adjacency to the Historic District and park, the complex focuses on providing a civic center for public and community activities.

Phase I, the Slidell City Council and Administrative Center, houses the City Council Office and Chambers; City Attorney; and finance, personnel, data processing, and risk management departments. Phase II, the Slidell Technology and Cultural Arts Center, will house the City Prosecutor; the Cultural and Public Affairs Office; planning, building/safety, and engineering departments.