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Orleans Parish Communications District

New Orleans, LA

The OPCD's Warren E. McDaniels 9-1-1 Center is a 24,000 SF blast and ballistic resistant building, equipped with redundant back up systems for power, water supply, sewage and environmental controls. It will house the 911 communications network for the following Orleans Parish agencies: The Orleans Parish Communications District; New Orleans Police Department; New Orleans Fire Department; Homeland Security; and New Orleans Emergency Medical Services (EMS). The two-story structure will have all of the support facilities necessary to stay functional during a wide range of possible emergencies. Back-up generators, redundant system back-up, sleeping, and other design components will allow the facility to stay fully functional for a week without outside help, if necessary. The building and all of its components are designed to resist winds greater than 155 mph, and although the site did not flood during Hurricane Katrina, the site is being raised an additional five feet for further protection.