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"This is heaven. This is where track coaches go to die. I've seen it (Tad Gormley Stadium) changed from a barely adequate track facility for school kids to what I think is the best complex in the country. It's always been my dream to compete or coach in a world-class facility. I touched that dream today."

Danny Theil, Track Coach Tulane University


Tad Gormley Stadium

New Orleans, LA

Tad Gormley Stadium was totally renovated to accommodate the 1992 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials. The nation's best athletes prepared for the event - and the construction schedule could not slip by even one day. The $7,000,000 restoration and renovation of this historic 25,000-seat stadium included track and field facilities, a football field and soccer field, adjacent warm-up track and field, sports lighting (125 foot candles), major press box, locker rooms, restrooms, concessions, score board and sound system.