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Streetcar Named Inspire

Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects participated as a sponsor and artist in the Young Leadership Council's (YLC) Streetcar Named Inspire community art project. The "300 Lafayette Seatcar" is permanently installed in front of STBA's office at 300 Lafayette Street in the Warehousee District of New Orleans. A Streetcar Named Inspire, was created by the YLC post-Hurricane Katrina to provide a tangible sign of hope and recovery to citizens and visitors of New Orleans. The project consists of 200 streetcar-shaped custom creations developed by local artists and sponsored by NOLA businesses. The original streetcars are approximately 6' by 2' and made of fiberglass. The only requirement for the artists was that design themes answer the question, "What inspires you about New Orleans?" The STBA "Seatcar" theme was created by the staff. Drawings, specifications, and a plan of action were developed, and then it was full steam ahead! Follow along for a pictorial view of the process of how the uniquely-STBA "300 Lafayette Seatcar" was created.